What is decathlon ? What are the rules of decathlon?


The decathlon is a special branch of athletics and consists of 10 tracks and 10 field races. Decathlon, a very old sporting event, is also very similar to the Pentathlon races of the ancient Greek Olympics. Athletes, make 10 races in two days. The athlete that winner traditionally takes the title “world’s best athlete”. This tradition was initiated by the King of Sweden at V. Gustav at the Olympic Games of 1912.The decathlon is only a sport belonging to men; female athletes are called heptathlon and consist of seven races instead of ten. The total score is not that important. So, the score you get is important, it does not matter how long you do it the current decathlon world record is belonging American athlete Ashton Eaton with 9045 points. The record for Turkey, scoring with 7757 belonging Alper Kasapoglu. The next championship will be held in London in 2017.How is decathlon done? What are the rules of decathlon? Let’s take a look together.



On the first day, the athletes measure speed and strength, and their durability is tested on the second day. These branches and the day-to-day decathlon schedule are arranged as follows:

First day
Second day
100 meter run 110 meter hurdle
Long jumpThrow discus
Shot put Pole jump
High jump Javelin throw
400 meters run 1,500 meter run

Each of these sports is made according to their own rules. However, whatever sport is being played, there are some decathlon rules that do not change. It is possible to determine them as follows: There is a 30-minute break between each race. Each athlete is entitled to three entrants in javelin throwing, throwing and long jumping. Not participating in even one of the races results in disqualification. All athletes have to participate in all ten sports in two days. At the end of each race, the cumulative results and the rankings are explained to the athletes. To avoid confusion, measurements are carried out via the metric system. How are decathlon scores determined? As we have explained above, the total score is very important instead of total time. There is a fixed table in this area and the scores of athletes are calculated according to this table:

Kinds of RaceABC
100 meter run25.4347181.81
Long jumping0.143542201.4
shot put51.391.51.05
High jumping0.8465751.42
400 meter run1.53775821.81
110 meter hurdle run5.7435228.51.92
Throw discus12.9141.1
Pole jump0.27971001.35
javelin throw10.1471.08
1500 meter run0.037684801.85

The formulas used in score calculation are as follows:

For track races: INT (A (B – P) C)

For field races: INT (A (P – B) C)

P in these formulas represents the performance of the athlete and speed in track races, and distance or height in field races. These values are constant, in other words, the only variable in the formula is the P value. The score table for P value is determined as follows:

Kind of Races1,000 point900 point800 point700 point Measurement unit
100 meter run10.39510.82711.27811.756Second
Long jumping7.767.366.9416.51Meter
Shot put18.416.7915.1613.53Meter
High jumping2.202.101.991.88Meter
400 meter run46.1748.1950.3252.58Second
110 meter hurdle run13.814.5915.41916.29Second
Throw discus56.1751.446.5941.72Meter
Pole jump5.284.964.634.29Meter
Javelin throw77.1970.6764.0957.45Meter
1500 meter run77.194:07.424:21.774:36.96Minute: Second









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What is decathlon ? What are the rules of decathlon?

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